ZTEST PTF – Upgrades

The following upgrade packages are available.

To install:

  • Download and save file on your desktop system
  • Load ”.savf” file to your IBM I system.
  • Restore the PTF library on your IBM I from the save file
  • Run the ZUPGRADE command in the restored PTF library,
    specify the target library for the ZTEST package (default name ”ZTEST”
  • When the upgrade is complete the PTF library can be removed

Available upgrades (as of June 11th 2020)

2020-06-23 User documentation has been upgraded

2020-06-23 The function to convert ACS macros to TNAPI scripts has been backed out temporarily. This is caused by issues with the encoding of the ACS macro files. Sorry for that. This function will be restored in the V1.001 release of ZTEST that will be available both as full download and as a PTF package later this summer. Watch this page for updates.

2020-07-21 The V1.001 release is now available for full download only (no partial PTF available). The changes for this release are:

  • The conversion function for ACS macros to TNAPI scripts (that allows interactive functions to be submitted to run in batch) has now been re-instated. The problems with the encoding are resolved.
  • The test data generator has changed the format of the created RPG program in order to handle cases when the same field name occurs in many related files that are used in the program. The code has also been tidied up to look a bit nicer.
  • The test data generator now validates the existence of related files and fields online.
  • Amendments and clarifications in the application manual. One example of which describes how random date and time values can be placed in character or numeric fields in addition to date and time fields.