PRX – Object cross reference

Recent changes:

  • All objects are now compatible with OS releases from V7R3M0 and onwards.
  • All object in save file are now owned by user QPGMR.

This is delivered as a downloadable save file that when transferred to the IBM i can be restored to its full glory.

The functions are:

  • Maintain list of objects to scan
  • Generate Cross Reference files
  • Work with cross reference. Drill down through the relations tree to any number of levels. View source code. Add objects to work list.
  • Copy source from objects in worklist to new source to work with.

There is also a funktion call ”explosion” meaning that if applied to – for example – a table (”PF”) all dependent objects (files or programs) are added to a worklist.

You can read the documentation by using the link below.

PRX Documentation Download

You can download the savefile (which also includes all source using the link below.

PRX Savefile Download